Health-Care For Feet

Find Great Relaxation By Nurturing The Sole

best foot careI’m currently supporting a broken middle toe ouch! We tend to look after every part of our bodies through our appearances, figures, and general health, but we always seem to neglect our greatest tools, that carry all our weight, spend a lot of time on the move, help us get in shape through cycling, running or walking etc, and like the rest of our body, our feet should be nurtured with a good, daily care routine.

If you are active, into sports, or constantly on your feet, they can get tired and worn, which can lead to sore foot problems and spoken about in this last post. Wearing the right fitted shoe for your feet is very important too.

Getting in to a routine, of daily or even weekly care of the feet, will bring huge benefits.

Washing feet And Benefits

Some people suffer from sweaty feet, which can be a huge problem for some people and we have more information on that here. Washing feet in lukewarm to hot water will rid them of the dust gathered through the day. This is an excellent way also to de-stress, very simple and therapeutic, can be done quickly, or you could have a couple of hours of pure relaxation, and can be performed anywhere in the house, anytime. Scrubbing the dead skin from the feet, especially the soles and heels using a pumice stone or foot scrubber, will help stop soreness developing.

10 Ways To Great Feet

best foot careIt’s very important to look after the feet, especially if you are constantly on your feet, and by taking care of them, through a nice foot bath, with the relaxation that comes with this, will highly benefit and relax your mind.

1 Dedicate a space for yourself, with all your equipment ready to go, whether it’s in-front of the TV, or a room for peaceful solitude

2 Use a basin, foot bath or a regular bath. Place both feet in.

3 Get the temperature of the water right. Make sure you feel comfortable, not too hot nor too cold. There is no better feeling than submerging sore feet in to warm water, a moment of pure physical ecstasy.

4 Adding a salt product like, baking soda, Epsom salts or sea salts will help soften and clean the feet.

how to help sore feet5 Add some lemon juice for an exfoliating foot bath, or some essential oils for extra relaxation.

6 Make it a habit or ritual. Use Scented candles, low lights etc. I like to place a lukewarm towel over my eyes and lean back the head, pure magic.

7 When you feel finished, take out your feet and scrub them with either store bought foot-scrub oils or home made (some vegetable oil with sine sea salt, table salt, sugar or even ground coffee). Massage in with the hand or use a scrapper.

8 Rinse of the scrub then Dry your feet well, very important, get in-between the toes.

9 Moisturize the feet. This will help keep them moist and smooth.

10 Leave to air dry for a moment, stick on a comfortable pair of soft socks, total relaxation.

Relaxed Feet- Relaxed Mind

best foot careLook after your feet. Especially if you constantly use them; for work or fitness, the condition of your feet can determine the the mood of your well-being at the end of the day. Washing the feet before bed will also help you get a great sleep (try a lavender foot soak for this).

Treat yourself to a foot massage too now and again. This can help rejuvenate the skin, and also the relaxation will be out of this world.


Remember, we love our feet on our site,  foot washing is an ancient art, worldwide, due to the mental and physical benefits it brings.

So look after your feet, starting now, Enjoy, Stay Healthy.