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Iron Gym pull up bar Who out there like me uses Iron Gym from the comfort of there home? How many of you have seen great results? How many think Iron Gym is useless?

We want to hear from everyone through comments or through the contact on your experience of using Iron Gym, lets get a discussion going and lead to tips on what to do and what not. Also if you have never used Iron Gym or even know what it is, find out here…

Using Iron Gym Pull Up Bar

I can’t believe, for the price of this product, just how good it is. And the best thing about Iron Gym is, as I have seen with other users, is that it can be used by all body types, men and women, all fitness levels and the best part, it can be used from your own home, saving you tons of money on gym memberships if you want to save money, and can work all parts of the body as the product can be placed on the ground for dips and more AB workouts.

The bar, is very simple to assemble and quick to attach to any door in your home. It claims it can hold a person up to 300lb, now as I am 190lb I do not know if this is possible, but, if you scroll here through all the Amazon Reviews, you will see people posting reviews who weight from 230-250lbs which is unbelievable and also claims after months of use it still works as new.

With so many exercises to do with a chin up bar, you can lose weight, strengthen your back, get Abs pretty easy (but always remember, a balanced diet and certain foods also help, no crappy foods) really up your fitness level, get bigger and stronger arms and shoulders. Of course, like most exercises, this will take a few months, but, just think how much that would cost with a gym membership, when you get the same results from your home, for the price of one tool ($29 at the moment at Amazon I think).

A great tool to help improve your health and especially your fitness. Iron Gym has become real popular, even the cheesy ad (check out above) tells no lies and does exactly as it says. It is appearing in every corner of the planet, probably in your local shop so do invest, check it out, for the cheap price if you do not like it, well it really has cost you nothing, but I know you will love it as I do.

For deliveries to your door, just check out the deals at Amazon here , also checkout the reviews and see what others are saying and how they are using this product, but do be prepared for a body change, simply because Iron Gym works brilliantly, check out these videos for more information. Please comment and let us know your thoughts. Good Luck.

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