Running- How To Heal And Prevent Post-Workout Pains

No matter what stage of a runner you are, beginner or Pro, all us runners will eventually damage our skin. Here are a few little problems we encounter and how to treat them.


how to help sore feet 1 Blisters. Throbbing Blisters affect a high percentage of runners, mainly because of friction, where heat and moisture cause the layers of skin to separate and fill with fluid ouch!

The Fix – Good Foot wear is essential of course. Put some baby powder on your feet. Synthetic double layered socks, moisture-wicking socks made from high-tech fabric help alot. Applying a band-aid can help too.

If the blister is so big and you can see the liquid under the skin, man/woman up and drain it. Sterilize a needle with alcohol or boiled water, wash the area and burst that baby. Leave the skin on(do not peel off) disinfect the area, apply some antibiotic ointment and a band-aid.

2 Athlete’s Foot. This is a fungus that thrives in dark moist places, causing redness, blisters, itching ,painful scaling, and humming odour, and is often between your toes or on your soles.

The Fix Apply an anti-fungal cream and kill it. Keep applying after it has disappeared because the fungus still remains.

how to help sore feet3 Jogger’s Nipple. Also known as Fissure of the nipple, is the condition of irritation, dryness , or bleeding of one or both the nipples and is caused by friction and repeated rubbing against fabric, especially wet cotton, during a long race.

The Fix Wear a shirt that wicks moisture. Apply plasters or nipple guards. Run topless depending on weather of course. Wear a sports bra, compression vest, or some sort of chest binding clothing.

4 Jogger’s Toes. This is also know as Black Toe. Running down hill squashes your toes up against your shoes, causing them to bleed under the toenail, which bruise them and turn them black. Can be very sore.

The Fix Keep your toenails trimmed straight across. Get your shoes properly fitted. Shoes that are too big or slippery can create the problem.

how to help sore feet5 Chafing. Chafing is skin irritation caused by friction, especially warm, sweaty skin rubbing against other skin, and is most common in the thigh of the runner.

The Fix Try Avoiding tight clothes, or different fibers. Wear short Lycra tights, this may minimize friction. Women using sports bras that cause chafing should find one with flat or covered seams. Use talcum or alum powder, or a friction busting petroleum jelly.

Use these 10 tips on how to take care of you feet and enjoy the comfort of your most precious tools especially if you are high on the fitness buzz. Enjoy.

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