Get the perfect 6 pack absThe title of this post may sound simple, truthful and obvious but a lot of people aim out to just do this, try lose that belly fat with tons of AB exercises and unfortunately they do not know that they are wasting their time which leads to frustration.

I’ve just finished reading an interview with Mike Geary on Men’s Health magazine and have found it very insightful and inspirational and I am becoming a big fan of Mike ever since I downloaded his Truth About Abs book (read my review here) every thing he says make a whole lot of sense.

First, doing a lot of different AB exercises, hundreds of reps will NOT give you the perfect Abs which makes a lot of sense especially if you have excess fat around your gut that you are not properly focusing on and attacking. I had this same problem, but what Mike suggested as he does in his book is to have created or create for yourself a Full Body Workout programme.

This makes much better sense. Think about it, the hours doing leg raises, various Ab crunches etc. Your Abs become strong, yet still not visible, we have all been there. Now, a whole body work out, be it from home or in the gym will drastically increase you metabolic response while increase the fat-burning hormone levels in their body as well, this is very important, the more you work the whole body, the more excess fat your burn, then lo and behold, soon you will see those rock hard Abs you crave to see.

Man or woman, a full body programme can be basically the same. I of-course use Iron Gym for my full body work out from at home with great results, but you can do you full body work out anywhere. Find a plan on the net, ask a personal trainer, ask some one in the gym, read Mikes Ab book for tips and guidance but take action, change it up and challenge yourself.

At the end of the day, it is all about burning the fat around the gut to see those hard worked Abs, and to achieve this, change your routine, build more energy, concentrate on the right foods and make out a nutrition plan for yourself, do not just do hundreds of useless Ab exercises unless you have zero fat around the gut, still, as I have learned off Mike and his advice, work the whole body and let that fat fall off and the Muscles take shape.

What do you do to attack belly fat? Leave a comment below and let us know any tips or struggles you may be having.

Read All About Mike Gearys Truth About Abs book here and enjoy.



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